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ABA League Australia Home Court Strategy


ABA League Australia Home Court Strategy That Will Work For All Teams....

We have been checking out some of the things that make it hard for teams that don't have much backing to - take care of Gym - Ref's - Insurance - etc for every game. We know for a new league without the big sponsors and attention of the countries top pro league that we as ABA will have to do things smarter and use the technology available to give our sport the same glam.

Chatting with new team owners and future team owners here in Australia we have come to the decision that it's smarter to have 1 court we all play at within any city & we alternate the home team - this way home team controls the door and benefit from fans from both sides by having more people attend a game.We are also looking at a film crew that will commentate and record the game for playback at later time.  CJ Henderson is also chatting with a TV media company to cover game of the week on their network.  

We realize the road ahead is a challenging one but once we get the right mix it will make for some exciting basketball for the fans and for the league. Have A Great Day www.abaleagueaustralia.com