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ABA Business Networking Club Open.

Author: Jenny H., 04/26/19

The ABA League Australia Has Launched It's Business Networking Club Open To Local Businesses - Entrepreneurs & Sporting Clubs Memberships Available Now!

ABA League Australia is launching the ABA Business Network a collaboration of small business owners – entrepreneurs & basketball business, taking community relationships to new levels.  The ABA Business Network will offer its members exclusive relationships with other like-minded entrepreneurs and business people in the community.   

We will also be reaching out to local sports teams and clubs helping them raise funds through our ABA Cares program.  Business members in our program will be directly responsible and attached to the local clubs they sponsor in helping them reach their funding challenges.  This is an awesome way to help build brand loyalty in the community and see sports being the common bonding factor.   

Our Business Network will be starting an annual event in early December that will bring everyone together for an Afternoon or Evening Event in the City where we can meet and network with other companies and their guests.   

ABA Australia CEO CJ Henderson says he knows this will be a big effort but if we take small consistent steps and keep making it better and better as we grow he feels it will catch on for sure.  We are offering something a bit different than most sports business clubs in Australia, we are not all about Money – Celebrity hype or Big Sponsors.  We are about the community – the youth and talented players in sport wanting to take their careers to the next level – We are about helping local clubs hit a few home runs that help them raise funds for equipment, trips, gear etc while being part of their growth.   

We will also have awards for the local members that sponsor the most clubs or teams and actually helped them reach their targets of fundraising.  Knowing you are part of a good thing is cool but when you actually help sporting clubs and see the success that is a great thing to be part of.   

CJ has already started using the Sponsorship Program for ABA Australia and he has 5 players using the program to make their way to Australia to try out for an ABA Team & get overseas exposure added to their resume.  He says even if we only get 1 of them here and they enjoy the experience we know we are off to a good start and we will keep improving the program.  

If you would like to become a member there will be 2 levels of membership Bronze Member will have some cool benefits for $499 gets you invite for 2 to the yearly event and more – The top option Platinum with all the best benefits for your business & 4 VIP invites for you and 3 guests to our yearly event $799 per year membership.  To see the differences go to our website www.abaleagueaustralia.com click on Documents.  This is a really great club to be involved with & it makes great business sense as well.  

Have a great day Jenny H.